The Conscious Eating Transformation

October 31 – November 4

A FREE 5-Day live training with Ayurvedic gut transformation specialist, Holly Blazina

Are you an empath or heart-centred person with tummy troubles?

This training is for you if you suffer from …

  • Gas & Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation or washroom emergencies
  • Heartburn
  • Being stuck in your weight loss

It doesn’t have to be that way!

5 things you’ll get in the FREE 5-Day program:

  1. Discover how your undigested emotions are affecting your gut. And watch your empathy and intuition become the superpowers they’re meant to be. 
  2. Get rid of bloating, gas, heartburn and indigestion.  It’s so much easier than you think!
  3. Get your weight and your metabolism in check. Stuck in your weight loss? Learn the top 3 things you’re probably missing, even if you think you eat pretty well.
  4. Beat anxiety and go from Fight or Flight to Rest & Digest in 3 minutes flat.
  5. Shift the subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from the health gains you KNOW you can make – you’ve got a Big Gutsy Life to live!

My work with Holly completely changed my life. I had extreme heartburn, anxiousness, gas, bloating, and I wasn’t regular. I’m a registered nurse, so I thought I could figure it out. Holly is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and the Elevated Belief sessions are just incredible! Now I have no more heartburn, and I’m off my anxiety meds. I know what triggers me digestively, emotionally and I know what to do about it. Even my relationships are so much better!”  – Kimberley Stevens, RN

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on programs for personal mastery. Holly’s coaching has been – by far – the most effective, life-changing, and healing I’ve ever done. I highly recommend this work for anyone who is plagued with fear, doubt, trauma, feeling hopeless and other mental, emotional, or physical disorders. I can truly say I’m at peace because I’ve done the work to overcome.” ~ Nadine McGill

Because of my work with Holly, my autoimmune symptoms are almost gone! Caregivers used to come to my home daily, and now they only need to come once or twice each week. Now I have consistent energy levels, my weight is getting better and my need for sugar has gone down dramatically.”   ~ Leila Keith

I feel like a whole different person after working with Holly, and I’m so much better for it. The anxiety and brain fog are gone. I’m healthy, energized and digesting foods I never could before. The Elevated Belief Sessions, especially, have changed my life –  I’ve just received a promotion at work!” – Katie Volpe

Having Holly as a guide has been invaluable! I’d been struggling with Candida for quite some time. After 5 weeks my joint pain has improved so I can exercise, my eczema is half of what it was, I haven’t had a migraine in weeks and my weight is releasing. I’m motivated to keep it up now that the program is over because the food plan Holly gave me is so easy to follow. The biggest win is, I’m a lot more gentle with myself now when it comes to food.”

  ~ Stephanie Woods

“After doing some deep mindset and work on beliefs with Holly, I feel a real shift in a few blocks I’ve been trying to move for a while. So far, I’m 30 pounds healthier and still counting. The best part is, I’m making progress while sticking to my plan imperfectly.” ~ Yvonne Silver

When I started working with Holly, I’d been diagnosed with IBS that was turning into Crohn’s disease. Now, I’m enjoying so many foods I never liked in the past, and I’m feeling great. Within a few weeks, I had my first camping trip without spending the weekend in the outhouse AND enjoyed the late-night cheese platter at my best friend’s wedding without paying for days afterward! ~ Zea Tejada-O’Reilly

“I used to procrastinate on my work by binge eating. Holly helped me understand and transform what’s behind that. Now, I allow myself to eat what I want to eat and enjoy it to the fullest. That’s given me so much more quality of life and I can get things done without holding myself back.”
~ Du Yen

I’d been around the block with my auto-immune condition and was already on a very clean diet when I started working with Holly. The supplements she recommended helped enormously and the belief work we did brought immediate relief.”  ~ Amir Amiri

“Between starting Gutsy Yoga and tweaking my food list with Holly, my tummy is the best it’s been in over 20 years. I finally know which foods work for me. I don’t have nausea anymore and the anxiety is gone.” ~ Kim Dominguez

“About a month into my package with Holly, I was able to put on my favourite coat, which I haven’t been able to wear in years. I’ve dropped 11 lbs, but I’ve gone down several sizes – and it’s staying off.” ~ Cindy Hoversland

I was feeling tired and too acidic in my stomach. I started to feel good very quickly once I started working with Holly and don’t feel acidic anymore – even when I have indulged. I am someone who does many things by myself so it was out of my comfort zone to trust someone else. It was emotionally healing and helped me fill in some blanks quicker than I could have on my own.” ~ Elerin Sahtel