Do you want to make your gut your superpower while eating foods that nourish your soul?

Are you tired of the idea that being an empath is a both a blessing and a curse?

What if your empathic gifts are your superpower that fuels your soul purpose?

You want to be the version of YOU that feels strong and unstoppable. To do that, you need to stop feeling like you’re a prisoner to your digestive system.

You know you need to change the way you eat, but you’ve already overhauled your diet so many times. It’s so tiresome to miss out on the good things in life, or to feel guilty for “cheating.”

I believe you should be able to enjoy the food you eat, and that food isn’t JUST fuel for your body. You want to feed your mind, body, and soul.

I know what it’s like to want so badly to feel better. Yet, all the advice being thrown at you makes you feel like you’re in a culinary straight-jacket!

This is why I help empaths and over givers reclaim their adventurous spirits. Discover practical, delicious solutions to your digestive issues that you can implement quickly.

This might not sound like good news, but it is: Food isn’t the only culprit.

When you heal the root cause of your gut pain, as a whole person, you reclaim Life-giving power in every area. Including at the dinner table!

Welcome to the Gutsy Type Method:

  • First, you need the tools to reset and regulate your nervous system, moment to moment. You need to get out of fight or flight and get grounded, so you can gain mastery over your cravings, and digest well.
  • We’ll shift the emotional patterns and beliefs that are keeping you (and your body) stuck.
  • I teach you about your unique Gutsy Type and we identify which foods and tastes are best for you.
  • As your symptoms calms down, they become into Intel. Discover how to interpret what your body is telling you, and what to do about it. Watch how your gut starts to become your superpower.
  • Nourish and heal your gut lining, increase the good gut bugs and crowd out the bad ones. Recover that abundant energy you’ve been wanting!
  • Now, the intelligence of your gut wisdom starts to come online. Apply the tools you learned in previous steps in new ways to expand your list of “happy tummy” foods.

Do you want to reconnect with the gut wisdom that’s your birthright?

Book a Gut Transformation call with me so we can create an individualized plan together.