12 Days of Blissmas

~ discover the radiant stillness within

The season around the Winter Solstice is a wonderful time of inward reflection, wouldn’t you agree? It’s become one of the most deliciously restful AND creative times of year for me! 

Would you like the winter holiday to be a time to restore and recharge, so you can emerge from the season rested, connected and ready to welcome 2024?

Join me for The 12 days of Blissmas: Luscious, daily relaxations sent to your inbox, accompanied by scrumptious seasonal digestive tips – all to entrain bliss, calm your nerves, reset your digestion and help you get your glow on – from the inside out!

Plus, get access to the Gutsy Yoga Magic Tickets, where you’ll experience how quickly you can reset your nervous system and your digestion in 30 minutes. 

“I use the relaxation breathing stuff ALL the time. Sure helps beat anxiety up.” ~ Stephanie

“Holly’s the best. The anxiety is gone and my stomach is the best its been since 1998.” ~ Kim

“When I do yoga with Holly, I have more energy later in the day.” ~ Deborah