I see you and I know who you are.

You’re an empath, generously overflowing with intuitive and creative gifts. You’ve got SO much more to bring to the world!

And, deep down, you know your gut is keeping you from being your full-on, magical Self.

I’m talking about the days spent in bed, exhausted and in pain. I’m talking about the times you push forward, doing the things you normally enjoy, but you feel so awful that it’s not fun. I’m talking about the times you give up, because you can’t fake it.

You’ve been sweeping your pain under the carpet, secretly fearing what you’d have to sacrifice if you faced it. 

Those heartfelt connections with family and friends are so important to you. One of your dearest values is breaking bread together with the people you love. How can something that feeds your heart and soul feel so terrible in your body?

How can you enjoy the finest things in life when you’re feeling restricted? An adventurous spirit needs freedom!!

How on earth do you reconcile what your gut needs without taking all the fun out of life? Life is supposed to be win-win, all around. 

The truth is, the fear of your gut’s vengeance taps your power every damn day. 

But you’re tenacious, and invested in your personal growth. You’re going to love the way there’s room for ALL of you in the Gutsy Type Method.

Get ready to serve even more brilliantly, with a wholehearted, fully healed version of you. Get ready for the biggest adventure yet! 

You get to reclaim that gut wisdom, and stop leaving it behind. Let me tell you a secret:


The third chakra, the solar plexus, is where personal power lives in your energy system. If your gut is out of whack, it’s like trying to carry water in a leaky bucket.

What if you turned those energy leaks into SYNERGY?

What if those symptoms were actually your body’s way of talking to you? InTELLigence, if you will.

If you embodied that intelligence, wouldn’t it GIVE you energy instead of taking it?

Those whispers might be soft, but they’re mighty. They’re meant to be part of the deep Knowing you share with the world.

You’re meant to be bold, to live bigger, have more fun, have more adventures — not live smaller. You’re meant to hold MORE energy for your true purpose. Making friends with your gut helps you do that.

If you’d like to get a taste of the Big Gutsy Life buffet, join me.

You’ll discover it’s a delicious, fun, no-holds-barred experience, where you get to feel fully ALIVE. I live it, and I want to share that with you!!